work, and the things i cause. Wednesday, February 11, 2009

today at work, i managed to knock over a display of gravy. it was overly large, and top heavy. Ben and I cleaned it all up, while Jeff and Nikki grabbed all the glass jars we saved. Mandy made fun of me for knock stuff down, Mike stood there, and Josh actually listened to what i told him to say over the loudspeaker.

"Attention customers, we be closin' up shop in bout 10, so get your final purchases and bring em up so I can check you outttt."

soo worth the 11-hour double shift i worked today.

other news; i'm in love with timeless!

welcome back. Monday, February 9, 2009

jay five. Wednesday, February 4, 2009

" clears the streets of the silent armies, so we can dance." Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I was happily listening to my iTunes library today when I decided I missed CinSun A LOT. I listened to the new albums a few times through, and decided Umbrellas and Elephants is one of those songs that was perfected within the first run though. Awesome energy, sincere lyrics, and a beautiful quote from Basketball Diaries. If you don't have this song, The album is under for download. Unfortunately, it's the new version of U&E, so you'll have to rock some Lime/Frost/Torrent.


Pastime: Skate 2 for XBOX 360. mhm.
Bands: A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, A Day To Remember, Timeless
Food: Chipotle.
Feeling: "Train-station, knows every word you said.."

Maybe I should hitch a forty hour train to anywhere.

A.C.SB.A.L.P.R. [EP]


with balled up fists... Monday, January 26, 2009

Tonight, i've decided to deliver a FAQ on my band, Take Steady Aim, so you all know how we started an stuff, and stupid facts no one gives a fuck about, then finally I'll give you our latest updates. Enjoy.

Where Did You Come Up With 'Take Steady Aim'?
Gene was listening to some music, and we turned on Set Your Goal's album, Reset. His song choice was Goonies Never Say Die, and our name is in the very first line.

Where Are You Guys From?
Cleveland, Ohio!

Who Are Your Biggest Influences?
When we had 6 people in the band, it varied a lot, but at that time it was mostly Four Year Strong and Set Your Goals. Now that Gene and I are in total control of the influences and sound, its easy to expand that to A Day To Remember, The Movielife, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, My Aim is True, Timeless!, New Found Glory, and the Wonder Years.

So, If It's Only You Two, Who Does What?
Live, we play acoustic currently. two guitars. our awful voices. When we record, I'll be doing guitars, bass, and some additional fun things. Gene will also be doing guitars and fun things, along side drums.

What Are Your Goals?
To record in May, get an idea of an album, build a fuckin' band, and going out and playing shows and shows and shows.

Why Did Your Old Band Leave You?
They suck at their instruments. They're awesome kids, who thought we weren't going anywhere. They're actually phenomenal musicians; Wes perfects piano, Nick is an unparalleled drummer, Quinn is awesome on guitar, and Pete is an amazing bassist. Mike talked crap, so we dont care about him :] We wish the best for all of them as we continue to try to keep this band going, and hopefully someday, maybe they'll feel comfortable to join back in.

What Else Do You Kids Do?
I play bass in Exit Cleveland, and I'm loving being able to play with them. Joey, Peter, and Justin are awesome kids and I'm having the time of my life. I also attend Lakeland Community College. Gene is currently attending Capital University in Columbus, and he was founder of Thee Proteens. who are amazing.

We've written more tunes. Our Musical Library now consists of about 7 songs, 2 covers. I have an idea for an EP. this is it:

1. Hey Greg, Do You Like To Party?
2. Dammit Brett, Do You Ever NOT Shred?!
3. Don't Say I Quit (Tentative Title)
4. Lucky [Cover] (Original by LIttle League)

lets pray for the sun, lets pray Wednesday, January 21, 2009

lets pray for the eye of the storm
to warm us back up, catch our breath and prepare
for the next fucking challenge, we know its too near.

-Save Our Ship, Broadway Calls

Today, me and gene discussed our musical future. tomorrow, Ill be recording "Greg" and "Brett" all acoustic, send them to Gene and Adam, and hopefully see what take steady aim will be doing soon. positive, positive, positive. i also asked Quinn to possibly do second guitar work for the band for our live performances once we finally get back to that.

Also, im stoked, as tomorrow I'll be hanging out with Kali and Deanna, whom both I havent really spent time with or seen in awhile. Also, I think I'll be applying at Sam Ash and Guitar Center for preferred player's cards, so I can get my Bass and a new acoustic.

Broadway Calls
"Call The Medic EP"

I don't even need to explain this band. It's just an essential download. NOW.

mark my words, we're taking over the world Monday, January 19, 2009

So I'm pretty sure this weekend was a complete Dirty Jobs marathon weekend, seeing as I found myself on my couch watching it all damn day. It's effin hysterical, and if you haven't watched it yet, you need to when you can.

and work today was going decently
until nichole thought it would be cool to destroy my chips by punching the bag.

other good news, is I'm making attempts to rekindle friendships, seeing as since I don't go to south, I dont bother to keep in touch as much, and my job consumes my fucking life. however, plans with neil tuesday, and plans with deanna on thursday.

current feeling: confused.
current bands: a day to remember, sundowner
current goal: friendships.
current lyric: "I'll tell the saddest story, of how we made it through this past year"